One Step ahead - Europan17 Competition

Vision von 

Anton, Christine, Günter, Julia





Being one of the main transportation nodes of the city of Ingolstadt, the Audi roundabout provides an out-of-human scale vacant lot in the city. The project concentrates on connectivity among diverse fronts through the roundabout and proposes a possible future transformation based on the specific context depending on the direction.

The name “One step ahead” reflects the continuous nature of the architectural proposal, where the center of the roundabout works as an activator of the area spreading into the surrounding. In different phases the whole are will be transformed into a vibrant neighborhood with block structures and diverse courtyards. The public space becomes the interweaving element between buildings and landscape and provides all kind of different potentials.

The transformation follows a counterclockwise direction starting from the development of residences in the western part and ending with research facilities in the north. The densification is achieved through residential development with public courtyards. This typology was selected to enhance social interaction and inclusion among local communities and newcomers while maintaining the identity of each courtyard. Besides each residence has a specific function.

Depending on requirements, different uses can be implemented at the appropriate time. The design principle is always to think of the built and the open space together. A phase therefore consists of the elements buildings, permanent urban space transformation, pedestrian connections and 1st step temporary public space activation. In this way, the entire area is considered and the quality of the area is improved. When entering the next phase, the neighborhood as a whole is already one step ahead due to the preparatory measures.
In addition, the projects gradually "pedestrianizes" the roundabout, starting from the introduction of pedestrian crossing at the early stages and transformation of pavementation at the final stages.

Overall, the project explores means of large-scale urban regeneration through the process of densification to break out-of-scale roundabouts and its surrounding into human scale and activate the area through diverse public functions.